Sunday, 13 May 2012


The sun finally came out so I headed up the woods to check on stuff yesterday. Bit worried of what I'd find as I kind of neglected the trails a bit recently and the weathers been horrific. Anyway got there had a look around and was pretty stoked everything is ok, loads of tarps blown off but only one corner of one landing collapsed!

Stuff has mossed up amazing as well, and the woods is looking sweet, leaves are out and bluebells have gone crazy. It's sad to see the place like this, so quiet up there, everyone should be up there now having fun and bbqs and doing trains, I haven't done a train round the 270 in ages, those were good times!

I haven't got any news yet, but I've seen a planning report from the council and it seems like bad news but I really don't have a clue what's going to happen at the moment. I get the feeling we will get a decision very soon on whether the trails can stay or maybe they have to go.

Haven't given up hope yet, but if they do go I reckon I've got time for one more spot, getting too old! Need the youngsters to take over soon, there loads who are stoked on building and riding but there's no where for them to go, we could be an epic scene but it's dying right now.

Right I'm off to Canada for two weeks yeee! Hope Moos will be there when I get back!!

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  1. 'I reckon I've got time for one more spot, getting too old!'

    I used to say that too, so many places ploughed and I moved towns too. I waited just helping out at other peoples spots for a while untill I brought a house with a garden. The garden is too small for a real set of trails but it has a miniture set of trails. keeps me entertained.

    Shame it happend 10 years too late