Thursday, 16 June 2011


We had a meeting with the council yesterday, I think I'll get in trouble if I put the details up on here! But basically there's a whole load of stuff to do to get the planning application submitted.

We were initially told it would be 3 months but it looks like it going to take longer than that don't think we'll be riding again this season.

The facebook group is going good, we've already got nearly 700 members, thanks to everyone for their support it will definitely help our cause. Will be setting up an online petition soon.

Nothing to do with the planning or anything... ages ago I sent of a dirt sample to Sweden as some dude needed to choose soil for djs and he got it analysed, here are the results, I'm afraid its in Swedish!

Particle size is the horizontal axis, and the % of the sample below that size is the vertical axis.

Results are
14% clay
49% silt
32% sand
5% gravel

I expected more clay, thought it was quite interesting tho, maybe I'm just sad!

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  1. haha, as if they asked for a soil sample, them crazy haha, swedz