Thursday, 9 June 2011


Ok just received bad news I'm afraid, we are going to need planning, so from today no one is to ride or dig at either of the jump spots, otherwise they will be ploughed.

Edit - here's the situation, we cannot touch the jumps, that means building or riding until the planning permission has gone through. If the council become aware that anyone is doing things at the trails then they will be ploughed, simple, you have been warned. This applies to Clyne and Moos. The planning could take up to 3 months!

If the planning is not approved then it looks like the end of the trails, however we are hopeful that this won't happen. When I get details I will post them up here so people can email the council to show there support for the trails.

We had possibly the last ride tonight and it was awesome, everythings tarped up now, the first lip on main and small line have been destroyed to prevent people riding.


  1. kieran nicholas11 June 2011 at 15:20

    so sad to hear this dan hope it goes through soon :)


    maybe able to help as have applied for planning