Wednesday, 15 September 2010


 You'd think people would appreciate what the council are doing for us, we are very fortunate that the council have not already destroyed our previously illegal spot, but instead made the trails official and even provided us with a digger, yet some riders couldn't give a shit and are determined to ruin it for everyone.

You know who you are, its your choice, you could have some of the best trails in the country or none at all, don't ruin it for everyone else!

From now on no one is to drive up the fire road, the land owner is kicking off and I don't think vandalising  his lock is going to help the situation.

PLEASE READ - email I received

The litter pick that was aimed at the Clyne Jumps area took place on Sunday with nobody recognisable as a regular user of this area. You should know by now that you are being watched by many who do not want to see these jumps in Clyne so it really doesn’t help the cause if riders can’t be bothered to show up for 2 hours to show these people that you are prepared to make an effort.

There was no money in the grant allocation for dirt jumps so it wasn’t easy to get the work done on them at all.

Add to this the fact that you could see riders on the trails while the litter pick was on and you can figure how support for the jumps can disappear fast along with the jumps themselves.

On another point, despite a previous request not to use the access road just to haul their lazy arses up the hill to ride bikes some guys did. From Tuesday morning there will be a new chain and lock on the gates with a different combination.

So if you don’t want to cooperate to get support for the Clyne Jumps then don’t bleat when things go wrong.

I hope this gets through to those who it concerns. Things need to change or these trails won't be here long.

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