Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Something New

New Signs

New paths

Rad Times


 Here are some of the photos ive taken this year got loads more to come hope you like.
Peace out!


 Geoff doing all the work and Trail Boss supervising as usual

 Freshly slapped in by yours truly

 Edd Tucker, Euro

New flowline/kids line, step down/roller 

 More and more people every weekend

Westy has got the Pizza Oven primed at 6000 degrees ready to turn his pizza into a biscuit

 Westy stacking shit up

 Pace, Big Spin

 Young Jay Wills showing us old dudes how its done

 Chicken nuggets, potato waffles, burgers, piripiri chicken strips and god knows whatelse being cooked up For The Boys

 FreeRideLegend and Zante Muzza Billy Reid

 Luke Griffiths, Tuck No Hands
 Matthew Mcshane, big kicker Flip 

New path and New sign

Thank for the sign Luke

Luke Griffiths, Big Flip
This last bit of good weather had brough some sick sessions with it so if you like bikes, trails or just being outdoors come up one weekend for some food, banter and good times. 

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