Wednesday, 18 April 2012

We need your help to save Moos

Things have moved on since my last post, we now know that we will be having a meeting with the council very soon. This meeting is going to be crucial in deciding the outcome of the trails. 

We've been busy preparing our case, but we also need help from the trails community. We need everyone to write a letter or send an email of support to the council giving your views on why the trails need to be saved. It doesn't have to be an essay!

Your help will be much appreciated, please spread this around, we can set a precedent for other trails if we are successful!

Moos trails is the premier BMX & Mountain bike Dirt jump facility in Wales. It is a world class facility that was built almost entirely by volunteers from the local community that is now being threatened with destruction due to a misunderstanding between the site users and the Local council. Ironically it was the work that was done with council approval and funding that has caused us the most problems. 

We are mounting a campaign to try and save this facility and have the support of large sections of the community as well as Welsh Assembly Member Julie James. Your letter, and those from anyone you know will help our cause immensely. 

Please send letters or emails to; 

Jack Straw - Chief Executive City & County of Swansea

Civic Centre, 
Oystermouth Road 
SA1 3SN 
United Kingdom

If you decide to send an email please also send me a copy -

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