Thursday, 29 March 2012

Latest news - need your help to save Moos!

Things have moved on a bit recently, initially we thought the trails were going to be ploughed but it seems not to be the case.

Looks like we're going to be given the chance to present our case for Moos to the council executives. Environmental impact seems to be the biggest problem and we should soon see the environmental report which will give us an idea of what we need to do to mitigate the issues.

Until we get this report we can't really do much, but we need to be able to show the council that there's lots of support for the trails and that they are worth saving. So we're looking for people to send us letters of support addressed to the council which we can pass onto to them. It doesn't matter if your not local, if you've ridden Moos or even just follow the blog we need you to let the council know why its important to save the trails.

If your interested in helping then please send an email to me at and I will send you more info about what you need to do. Also if you have any other advice or expertise which could assist us then let me know.

Don't forget to keep an eye on our facebook page for updates!/groups/192662447451871/.

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  1. I would find the last thing the council gave major funding to and research the environmental impact of that; materials, transport of materials etc. Then compare it to a few guys in the woods with a couple of spades and shovels working on something that is ultimately transient in nature i.e if it does get ploughed nature will reclaim it in 5 years at the utmost. Can they say the same thing about the last car park? Playground? Skatepark? Community building? They gave funding to?

    Then pull out the most erudite groms you have lying around and get them to talk about the values they have learnt at moos; littering, hard work and the rewards that come from it, leaders such as yourself that they look up to, the social skills they have learnt by communicating with people of all ages and backgrounds that have travelled from all over the country etc.