Saturday, 10 December 2011

In for a long wait

Still waiting for the council to get back to us on the surveys, it seems that the outcome of the environmental survey is going to be decisive. There's an idea that we can turn the area into a nature reserve incorporating the trails which would be awesome, some people think that we got a good chance of making this happen, but some are saying we're doomed, who knows!

It's crazy that the environmental impact is such a big factor, just the other side of the woods the council want to build hundreds of new houses surely the impact of the trails is totally insignificant in comparison. How can the same people think on one hand that its ok to tear up 8 hectares of woods and fields for houses, and then on then get so worried about the environmental impact of a few mounds of dirt, its ridiculous!

Help save Clyne woods here

Hopefully we will have some news in the next few weeks.

Some pics from last weekend, a few tarps blown of but no damage. Moss is really growing good, if we get a mild winter it'll be crazy next year.

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