Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Berm stuff.

Rich resurfaced the 270 berm because it was suffering after being abused by rain and frost in the winter.. and from life in general (it had lots of stones and holes and stuff...) .. but it looks sweet now! Oh and the middle of the berm is going to be dug out so its going to be much deeper.. and kind of like some kind of cradle bowl thing?? should be fun, does mean the water source is gone though.. but we get it from a dig hole now... Dans probably said this already... but its too late to change it now so your just going to have to accept the possibility of being told that twice.

Some more digging got done on the trolol berms,
well on the second one anyway.. we started
to shape it, should be pretty good when its done....

.. its going to go into a kind of hip.. roller sort of thing and then some hips and stuff,
should be cool.

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