Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Freezing, still diggin tho

Barely been above freezing for the last few weeks. Seems we're one of the only places in the Uk who haven't had any decent snow which is bad, I really like snow. At least it means we can still dig.

Went up the woods on Sunday ground was pretty frozen but managed to find a soft bit and made the long n low hip landing taller and steeper. We also did some work on the flow line the weekend before, started on the landing for the 6th set. Will get pics when I go up on the weekend.

Weekend weather is meant to be dry and not so cold so will try and arrange a dig day, got so much work to do to get stuff ready for Spring.

Here's a pic from 603 trails blog.

Always inspirational to see the stuff these guys build. One of the best spots I've ever seen.

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